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October 31, 2017

Hello, so, a whole summer has passed. Incredibly fast.
I always tell myself that this time – this time I will update and get into this again.
But life gets in the way. But hey, let’s give it another try.

Our biggest news, I guess, are that we got a new member in the family.
It happened in one of those summer thunder nights, this little girl came in to the restaurant where I work and said that she fount “it” in the parkinglot.
Myself was in the back cleaning up when my boss called my name. And there, in a huge box was this baby kitten. Smaller than the palm of my hand. I took her home in a wine box. The next day we the little one with our big one to the vet. Turns out it is a she and she’s hardly two weeks old. Every two hours we gave her the bottle with powder milk. Made sure she had warm surroundings at all times.

A few days later we decided that we are her new forever home. We gave her the name Ygritte.
Mr Richardson got used to the idea and they are now best buddies.