I was born in the early 1990´s in the west coast of Sweden.
We had the ocean and the wind as our constant neighbour.

When I was 6 years old we moved to the east coast of Spain, where I grew up until I felt it was time to go to college, where I got deeper into art and music.

I graduated in 2010 in a Bruce Springsteen t-shirt, spent the rest of the summer bare feet wandering around, spending time with my friends, who are also known as my heartbeats.
Then I went back to Spain, to forget about responsibilities and the fact that we’re not getting any younger.
Spent many nights in Benidorm in my favourite bar, drinking beer and smoking way too many cigarettes. 

Then I met D.
 my life changed as I knew it. 

We live happily among the palm trees.
I work as a waitress and as a photographer at MilaModels

Here you will see some of my days and some of my work.