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Improvised homemade granola, with a touch of bananas and cinnamon.

November 17, 2015

My sister introduced me to granola when I lived in Oslo last year.
There are loads of different recipes for granola. My favourites are Cocoa and Chai.
My D has fallen for the cocoa version quite hard, so last night I made it and this is all you need:

Oats (I use around 500g)

Shredded coconut (between 100-150g)
Pure cocoa (I recommend the brand Valor.)
Nuts (Any kind, all kind, the more the merrier!)
Coconut oil (between 5-6 spoons)
Honey (2-3 spoons)
Raisins (it’s optional, but I highly recommend it!)

Turn on the oven in 175/200 degrees, heat from up and down.
Pour the oats in a bowl, add the shredded coconut. Chop the nuts and add it into the bowl.
Melt the coconut oil, add honey and two full spoons of pure cocoa.
When the coconut oil looks melted and like chocolaty heaven you pour it on the oat mix.
Mix it all with a big spoon ’til you see that all the oats are equally covered in chocolate.
Put a piece of oven paper on a oven tray and pour the soon to be done granola over all of it.
In the oven it goes for 15 mins. After those 15 mins you take it out, mix it around a bit (make sure the granola that is on the bottom goes up) and then in it goes again, for another 15 mins.
And after those 15 mins, voila!
Put a cover on it and let it get cold (get’s crunchier that way, that’s why I make it on the day before)
When it’s cold you add the raisins in the mixture, if you like.
Serve it with yoghurt, milk, smoothie, whatever you prefer!

Bon apetite!


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