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Earth without art is just, eh. the L words

Where life begins and love never ends

March 17, 2018

On this photo above you can see my heroine, my grandmother, my grandfather and my uncles Glenn & Benny. 


Here’s my sailor uncle Glenn, he also happens to be my godfather and I just happen to adore these photographs.

This little toddler is my mother. You have no idea how much I love you. 

Here’s my uncle Stefan. He’s the youngest of all them four. When I saw this photo I thought – he’s holding a cellphone?
A calculator makes more sense.

Earth without art is just, eh. the L words

xmas decoration at the in laws.

December 8, 2015

My mother in law made a fantastic idea for christmas decoration.
She decided on three different themes. 
In their livingroom it’s a “white christmas”. Green and white.
In their kitchen it’s a “classic christmas”. Green and red. 
And outside, on the terass, there’s a 70’s disco/hippie christmas going on. 

Love it.

the L words


November 28, 2015

23 years ago, I became this little mans big sister.
Here in Spain, where we grew up, I’ve always been known as Simons sister.
I really don’t mind, because I’m so proud of him.
He has a heart of gold.

Happy birthday, I miss you.